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ODG- Digital Orientations between Generations

ISRAA is part of the Project ODG- Orientamenti Digitali tra Generazioni (ODG - Digital Orientations between Generations), which sees the Municipality of Treviso at the head of a partnership composed of six municipalities of the province and the “Fabio Besta” High School.

Financed by the Veneto Region’s program on active ageing, ODG was created with the intention of fostering the sustainability and thus ensuring the continuation of the activities started through the TAAFE project.

Thanks to ODG, continuity will thus be given both to the desk support managed by students at the senior centres, and to the production of the thematic handbooks.

The needs analysis conducted among the seniors citizens of the involved municipalities led to the identification of four services to be addressed:

-access to and use of the Sanità Km 0 portal;

-booking of visits to the ULSS website;

-creation of the SPID;

-use of WhatsApp.

Through ODG, the service launched by TAAFE has the opportunity to expand beyond Treviso, involving senior citizens living in partner municipalities. These municipalities are the ones that closely followed TAAFE's activities during the past years, showing strong interest in replicating them on their territory.

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