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The Project E.CA.RE. aims to respond to the challenge of the social isolation of the elderly through the implementation of a community intervention model based on the enhancement of local resources and actors close to people in their life contexts. Thanks to the action of the care providers and the support from the Municipalities, the involvement of the most isolated people will be obtained, also making use of the contacts and the network of relationships that the volunteer has with local stakeholders.


The E.CA.RE project aims to increase the quality of life of the most isolated elderly people and reduce the costs of social and health services through community involvement.


The project also includes training opportunities for elderly users aimed at providing on the one hand the knowledge and skills to improve their eating, movement and social habits and on the other hand to learn the use of some technological tools and applications that allow them to stay in touch with significant people and their social surroundings . This type of meetings will serve as facilitations of “face to face” social dynamics which, at a later time, can be accompanied by moments of “online” socialization.


Through training in the use of ICT solutions, the project will allow older people to stay in contact with loved ones and members of their community.


The aim of the project is to increase the quality of life of senior citizens who live at home and in social housing contexts, resulting in a reduction in the sense of isolation and in the costs of providing the social and health services they use.

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