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The main objective of the EARLYDEM project is to improve the training of formal and informal caregivers of older people through the development of an open and interactive e-learning platform . This platform will serve as a tool to foster the ability to identify early dementia and to teach caregivers to act as triggers to contribute to timely diagnosis. The diagnostic process and time to diagnosis can be substantially improved by involving formal / informal caregivers as a source of support in the early stages of dementia or MCI.


Through an e-learning platform it will be possible to provide caregivers with greater skills for the identification and early diagnosis of dementia and MCI.


The target audience of the project are formal / informal assistants and health care professionals for the elderly (nurses, social workers, etc.). Their role is fundamental as they are the first to detect the first signs and to initiate a diagnosis process of MCI and dementia; furthermore, their possible lack of awareness and training can contribute to hindering timely diagnosis. Among the potential indirect beneficiaries of the project are all those professionals who have contact with elderly people and can positively contribute to detecting signs and symptoms capable of making a timely diagnosis of MCI and dementia (e.g. police officers, firefighters, employees , etc.)

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