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To maximize the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and innovation in emerging sectors such as eHealth or smart cities, it is essential to facilitate the creation and operation of reliable IoT Smart Systems (SIS) . Since smart IoT systems typically operate in a changing and often unpredictable environment, the ability of these systems to continually evolve and adapt is decisive to ensure and increase their reliability, quality and user experience. The DevOps movement supports a series of best practices and tools, to ensure the quality of service and at the same time the continuous evolution of complex systems, promoting agility, rapid innovation cycles and ease of use.


The general objective of the ENACT project is to employ the DevOps methodology on Smart and reliable IOT Systems.


ENACT will provide an integrated DevOps Framework comprised of a set of loosely coupled enablers that can be easily integrated with existing IoT platforms via a plug-in mechanism. ENACT enablers are classified into three groups as follows: (i) the toolkit for the continuous supply of smart IoT systems , (ii) the toolkit for agile operation of smart IoT systems and (iii) the ENACT structures for reliability. The enabler set can be seamlessly combined and can be easily integrated with existing IoT platform services and enablers.

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