Projects in Europe

TELEBELLUNO  20.12.2017

Nonni con il tablet contro l’isolamento

BUSSELS  19.12.2017

Presenting FABER in Casa Veneto, Brussels, into an ispiring ENSA Network meeting. Triade Project could be pretty well adapted in several care contexts.



In Treviso FABER Event to extend ISRAA’ networking.


EU COMMISSION  5.12.2017

In EU Commission to learn how to apply to H2020 SC1 calls. Ethics and Social Science Humanities should be considered into research.

Commissione Europea


HNN 2.0 IN BRUSSELS 5.12.2017

Thanks to HNN 2.0 in Brussels for such inspiring match matching sessions to prepare powerful consortia.


DEN HAAG  29.11.2017

Immersive experience today using VR to foster social inclusion and rehabilitation in Den Haag. Great emotion impact and huge of inspiring thoughts.


ROTTERDAM  28.11.2017

In Rotterdam we have known how VR and Robots could be used to support the indipendent living and for non pharmaceutical treatments.