The FABER - Fabbrica Europa team counts on the expertise of European designers with training and professional experience in the field of aging policies and on a network of over 200 European contacts, made up of care providers, public bodies and authorities, universities and companies operating in the technological innovation applied to society.


Oscar Zanutto, work and organization psychologist, coordinator of FABER.

European designer, trainer, consultant, author of volumes, articles and talks on the innovation of assistance services at an international level.

Chapter Ambassador Aging2.0 Treviso https://www.aging2.com/treviso/



Graduated in Government Sciences and Public Policy, he works in ISRAA at the FABER-Fabbrica Europa business unit, where he is responsible for writing, managing and implementing innovative projects, connected to the theme of population aging and financed by the main community programs.


Graduated in applied cognitive psychology, he deals with the drafting and implementation of projects to support active and healthy aging, social inclusion, ergonomics and ICT.
He is also a member of the communication team and of the Borgo Mazzini Smart Cohousing project.


Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in training, she works at FABER-ISRAA, in the context of European planning and at the ISRAA specialist center for dementia.
He deals with the management of projects on active aging and psychological support for elderly people with dementia and caregivers.


Graduated in Geography at the University of Edinburgh, he manages local and European scale projects focused on process innovation in care for the elderly. With previous experience in the field of urban regeneration, she is specializing in senior housing and cohousing projects.


Anthropologist, she deals with the drafting and implementation of European projects that experiment innovative approaches to health, care and social inclusion of the elderly, with particular attention to ICT applications to support these processes and to the development of age-friendly environments.

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