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The niCE-life project aims to address some of the major social challenges posed by the aging of the population , such as the increase in neurodegenerative diseases. The aim of the project is to promote social inclusion and the coordination of care for elderly people with low to medium cognitive deficits, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and other chronic diseases, developing an innovative healthcare model using ICT solutions, sensors and advanced data analysis techniques. This will help reduce the risk of frailty of the elderly , improve their quality of care and support independent living , social contacts and care after hospital discharge.


With niCE-Life it will be possible to improve the social inclusion and assistance of elderly people with cognitive deficits thanks to new models of assistance, sensors and data analysis.


A monitoring platform, new health care solutions and organizational changes of the care activity will be implemented and tested at the project pilot sites. This activity will be complemented by local action plans which will take into account the national socio-health systems and the specific characteristics of the pilot sites. Together with targeted training, this will help strengthen the capacities and skills of public authorities and health and care service providers to efficiently address pressing societal challenges and promote an independent life for older people.

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