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The PA4AGE (Promotion Of Physical Activity For The Third Age) project is led by the University of Munster, Insitute of Sport and exercise science (WWU) and aims to promote physical activity in older people through education and training of adults with various professional profiles, in connection with the promotion of active ageing or the social and health care of older people to act as promoters of physical activity among the elderly population.


Two types of target groups will be considered in the course of the project, the direct target group consisting of professionals involved in the promotion of active ageing for older people such as educators working in gyms, active ageing organisations or physical activity centres, health and social care professionals (doctors, social workers, physiotherapists, nurses) and members of organisations involved in physical activity and culture who are adult service providers.

The indirect target group, on the other hand, consists of older persons and their caregivers (regardless of their health status and level of independence) who need to learn more about the inclusion of physical activity in their daily routine.


The partnership consists of 5 participants from 3 European countries: Greece, Germany and Italy. The Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet in Munster (WWU) are experts in physical activity research, the Institute for Retirement and Elderly Care Services (ISRAA) will be a pilot site for professors, Corporation for Succor and Care of Elderly and Disabled (FRODIZO) another pilot site with declination on professionals in the care and health area, PiKei New Technologies (PIKEI) will take care of the online platform and multimedia management, and finally European Group for Research and Physical Activity (EGREPA) is a European network encompassing several professionals in the field of physical activity and elderly people.


The project will last 36 months.

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