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Dementia and territory, the challenge for care institutions in new ECHA webinar

On 28 May the last meeting of Ecosystem Treviso - ISRAA took place, organised in conjunction with ECHAlliance. During this event, held in Italian, experts at national level discussed the challenges posed to institutions and care settings by the pandemic and demographic change and the increasing number of people with dementia living at home.

Thanks to the speeches of Dr. Manuela Berardinelli, president of Alzheimer Uniti Italia Onlus and Dr. Giorgio Pavan, general director of ISRAA, an in-depth analysis of the current state and the possibilities that residential facilities and social welfare have to face the territorial challenge and the dispersion of services was carried out.

This was followed by valuable contributions from Dr. Silvia Vettor, head of ISRAA's Specialised Dementia Centre, and Dr. Emanuela Capotosto, unit coordinator at the Residenze per Anziani Città di Treviso (ISRAA), who reported and illustrated examples of concrete interventions and what has been done so far in terms of models and interventions to address this situation.

The event was concluded by the interesting contribution of Dr. Carlos Chiatti, founder and president of Tech4Care, who showed the opportunities and solutions that technology, together with human intervention, can provide to better manage dementia.

In case you missed the live broadcast, we leave below the recording of the event!

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