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EARLYDEM: two Multiplier Events concluded

While the platform of the EARLYDEM project, intended to train professionals, caregivers and citizens on the early identification of cognitive impairment, is about to be available also in Italian, the promotion events in the Treviso area have been concluded.

During the first meeting, the project and the platform were presented to the professional students of a master course organised by the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, oriented towards the training of future directors of social and health services. The aim was to ensure that more people involved in the care of the elderly and social interventions can have this training tool at their disposal to raise awareness and reduce the impact of dementia on the population.

The second meeting, on the other hand, saw the synergy of the EARLYDEM project with other local and international initiatives promoted by ISRAA, such as "Treviso Città Amica delle Persone con Dementia" and "Resil4Care" (Erasmus+).

In order to promote the territorial impact of the EARLYDEM platform and the project results, this meeting was attended by members and leaders of territorial associations dedicated to supporting relatives of people with dementia (e.g. associations of respite centres, volunteering organisations, etc.).

The response from participants was enthusiastic and the usefulness of the platform was confirmed, expressing impatience to try out the final version!

For those who are more curious, we leave it here:

We would also like to remind you that the platform is also available as a free mobile app on the stores for Android and iOS phones! (App name: EARLYDEM; Developer: Interactive4D).

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