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International workshops as essential part of the TRIO Training

In order to deliver the TAAFE Model through TAAFE Toolkit, a series of 5 international workshops[1] are organized throughout the project for methodological facilitators, older people and municipality employees (TRIO members) from all participating countries. Originally planned in physical presence, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed these trainings into virtual meetings (with the exception of the first one). Workshops are an essential piece of TAAFE project as they permit, through regular meetings, knowledge sharing and development of good, trusting relationships between TRIO members from different countries – a key element to create a “learning community”. A total of 5 workshops are delivered in 15 months:

· At the 1st Workshop (Vienna, AU) the first version of the TAAFE Model was presented and methodological facilitators and municipal employees were informed about the first steps on how to establish the TRIO and start the work on local level. These steps are: finding a representative of older people to join the TRIO, mapping existing services and situation of older people at local level, exploring potential stakeholders to collaborate with TRIO in the future as part of “Local Action Group” (LAG).

· At the 2nd Workshop[2] (Ljubljana, SLO) it was explained how to conduct an “assessment of needs”. The importance of using appropriate method while asking a question: “In our municipality, what is age friendly and what is a challenge?” was highlighted. Interviews and discussion groups were presented. For that purpose, original booklet was prepared.

· At the 3rd Workshop (Grenoble, FR) some adaptations to COVID-context regarding “assessment of needs” (using telephone, ICT’s, etc.) were discussed. This workshop also introduced the way to identify and select priority task in each participating country, in a discursive relation between TRIO and LAG. A specific attention was given to the relations of power in the TAAFE process.

· At the 4th Workshop (Tübingen, DE) TRIOS will be empowered to support the implementation of the priority task they collectively selected after the 3rd workshop. A specific attention will be given to the continuity of the participative process in order to ensure that selected task and its implementation really concerns and involves older people.

· At the 5th Workshop (Feldbach, AU) TAAFE Model and Toolkit will be summarized and achievements of the work done on the local level of each country will be celebrated. In order to achieve sustainability TRIOS will be encouraged to engage in a new cycle of needs assessment, priority selection and action implementation.

If you want to learn more about how TRIO implemented already delivered steps in your local environment, please visit or contact us at +39 3398765280.

TAAFE press release 10.05.21
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[1] Next to the international workshops, one should be aware that 1 to 2 times a month all methodological facilitators have been gathered by WP1 leaders (UGA & IAT). Additional local follow-up also occurs for specific local questions or challenges. [2] The order of workshops refers to the real conduct of the project, including cancellation and adaptation of meeting due to COVID-pandemic.

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