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Palazzo Bomben hosted the final event of the TAAFE-Toward an Alpine Age-Friendly Environment.

On Wednesday 1 June, the final event of the TAAFE project was held at Palazzo Bomben.

The project partners, from Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Slovenia, reported and shared the three-year journey during which they had put the TAAFE participatory model to the test in improving the inclusiveness of local communities towards senior citizens.

The challenges were shared -one of a transversal nature, i.e. having to come to terms with the dissemination of Covid-19 and its consequent impact on implementation activities- but also, and above all, the successes achieved, namely the services and initiatives addressed to the elderly population initiated at each pilot site.

(to learn more, watch the videos describing the experiences of the pilot sites: )

The occasion was therefore useful for presenting the TAAFE model, centred on the key figures of the TRIO and the Local Action Group, and the characteristics that distinguish it: its being participative, concrete, systematic- gradual, to a vast and composite public.

(for more information on the TAAFE model, see the motion graphic describing its origin, peculiarities and main results )

Finally, the first results of the project impact assessment, conducted using SWOT and SROI analysis tools, were presented.

The morning also included interventions by two international guests, leading experts on the topic of Age-Friendly Environments: Thiago Hérick de Sá, from the Department of the Social Determinants of Health of the World Health Organisation, who opened the morning by describing the Age-Friendly Cities and Communities programme launched in 2007 and the birth of the concept of "age-friendly environments", and Laura Christ, a gerontologist belonging to the board of the Older Women's Network and member of Age Platform Europe, who closed the meeting by reporting on the numerous projects and initiatives to raise awareness and information on the topic promoted by the two organisations.

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