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Press release - niCE-life project: Conclusion of pilot activities in the Treviso pilot site

At the end of December 2021 the activities of the niCE-life project pilot site will end. During the last 12 months the project team, consisting of several ISRAA professionals, first designed and then implemented a technological solution to support caregivers and elderly people, especially those with cognitive impairments. The technological ecosystem, consisting of a smart wristband and a monitoring platform, supported the participants both on the safety side and on the health management side. The solution was tested both on the territory and within the nursing home "Casa Albergo Salce" (ISRAA).

The deliverables developed within the niCE-life framework will soon be available on the project website.

They can be particularly useful for other organisations interested in replicating the project experience implemented in Treviso.

Finally, it should be noted that project activities will only end in June 2022. During the next six months, the main activities will concern wpt4: "Local action plans, guidance and involvement of policy makers", through which the project intends to involve stakeholders, in particular institutional ones, in order to guarantee the project a good sustainability also after the end of the funding.

If you want to know more about how the project is going locally, visit the niCE-life project website and related social media!

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