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Digital coaching resumes with TAAFE!

On Monday 7 March, the digital accompaniment meetings run by the students of the fourth classes of the Istituto Besta at the three senior citizens' clubs actively participating in the TAAFE project officially restarted. As in the previous edition, every Monday and Friday, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., citizens over 65 and girls and boys meet to face together the small challenges that technology poses in everyday life. However, unlike the previous cycle, which lasted four weeks, this time the activities will last until June. In addition to counselling, the broad time frame will also leave room for creative exchange between young and old, which could lead towards the end of May to the co-development of new activities aimed at sharing and passing on knowledge and experiences between generations. Although the need for support in the use of online services prevailed, during the initial phase of identification of the need there was a widespread desire to break down barriers between generations by encouraging opportunities for exchange, mutual knowledge and enhancement of the social role of senior citizens. It should not be forgotten that the age-friendly perspective invites us to think in terms of an inclusive community, in which the specificity of each is welcomed and valued.

In the meantime, work continues on updating the guide and the video tutorials. Some of the students from the third classes are in fact ready to start work, which in this case too will include a number of workshops aimed at bringing together proposals and ideas from the parties involved, young people and seniors, and clarifying certain needs regarding the organisation of graphics and content from the latter.

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