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Second EARLYDEM project meeting concluded

The second transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ EARLYDEM project ended last week. After the months of standstill due to the pandemic, the consortium partners were finally able to meet and define strategies to best continue the progress of the project. The main topics of the meeting were the revision and definition of the contents of the e-learning platform, the main objective of the initiative, which will enable people to learn how to identify and recognise the early signs of cognitive impairment and to counteract its effects through healthier lifestyles.

The three-day meeting, which took place at Faber's villa, proved to be very productive, underlining once again that, although virtual meetings are an invaluable tool for collaboration, meeting in person allows for more in-depth discussions and better clarification of ideas.

Thanks to the support of the project's technical partners, it was possible to have a first look at the future design of the platform and to record part of the video testimonies that will be contained within the learning modules.

The next face-to-face meeting will see the consortium members gather in Nice for a 5-day meeting that will also include training for the professionals who will be testing the platform during the project's pilot phase, scheduled for February next year.

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