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Second gathering of the Treviso Ecosystem!

We have now reached the second appointment of the Treviso Ecosystem, organised by ISRAA in the setting of the ECHA Digital Ecosystem!

The topic of this meeting was innovation in senior living, i.e. how it is possible and, above all, how it will be necessary to adapt the way of living to cope with the demographic changes that are already impacting on our society!

At the opening, architect Giuseppe Panebianco, of Smart Open Home, described the needs and challenges facing Senior Housing in Italy. (more information HERE) followed by the general director of ISRAA, Giorgio Pavan. A seguire sono intervenuti, per mostrare alcuni esempi di innovazione e progettazione nell'abitare, Gianluca Nardone, Amministratore unico di KService Impresa Sociale Next, Gianluca Nardone, Sole Director of KService Impresa Sociale (more information HERE), and architect Gaia Redaelli, co-founder of Redaelli Speranza Architetti Associati, took the floor to show some examples of innovation and design in housing. (more information HERE). Their speeches respectively explained the

Villaggio Barona initiative, a social housing project in Milan and thePAX - Patios de la Axerquía community living project, linked to the patio houses of Cordoba, a UNESCO heritage site.

The final part of the event, which focused on best practices and possible solutions, featured speeches by Sara Casaccia, PhD and Research Fellow at Università Politecnica delle Marche, which illustrated the project outcomes of HOMES4LIFE, initiative to develop a certification system for senior housing, and by Arnor Soldberg, responsible for DevOps at TellU (NO), which instead illustrated IoT solutions designed to allow the elderly and frail to live safely and independently thanks to constant and privacy-friendly monitoring.

In case you missed the event or would like to review the speeches, the recording is available below!


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