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TAAFE: Activities and news before closing!

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

In the run-up to the official project closure, planned for the end of June, Treviso pilot site continues to produce important results.

On Friday 20 May, was held the closing ceremony of the second cycle of student-run digital accompaniment and support at senior citizens' centres, which this time lasted three months. Students, teachers, presidents of the seniors’ clubs, some of the citizens who attended the service, and members of the Trio met councillor Gloria Tessarolo in the Council Chamber of San Francesco church. As in the previous cycle, the councillor awarded a certificate of participation to the classes that took part in the activities. It was also an opportunity to present a short but valuable document containing some interesting information on the historical evolution of the technology we all use on a daily basis, particularly computers and telephones, and a useful glossary of computer-related terminology. This document is the outcome of the fruitful collaboration between senior citizens and students carried out at one of the senior centres during the last meetings.

A new guide to digital services, developed by another group of students of Istituto Besta, will also be distributed from the end of May. Based on the opinions gathered during the previous cycle, this new guide will focus on the navigation of some sections of Treviso Municipality website that are considered of greatest interest to citizens, including demographic and social services. The guide is now being tested on the territory in order to collect feedback on its accessibility and usability from some senior citizens who expressed their willingness to give it a try.

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