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TAAFE guides and tutorials are finally available!

The guide and video tutorials for accessing digital services, the result of co-design work between students and senior citizen representatives, are finally available!

October will also see the start of in-person guidance and support meetings, which will be hosted by senior citizens' centres in the city. Here, students will welcome and offer support to those who wish to acquire the key knowledge to orient themselves and use these services. It will also be an opportunity to encourage the meeting and exchange of knowledge and experience between generations and to reach out even more effectively to the local area, intercepting further proposals and needs that will be used to expand the guide.

Watch the video tutorials:

How to register in the Atlasmedica portal:

How to download a prescription from the Atlasmedica portal:

How to book a specialist visit from a doctor on a freelance basis:

How to open a ticket at the post office:

*Only italian version available

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