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TAAFE project presented to the public

On Thursday 23 September, the TAAFE project was presented to the citizens with a press conference at the Sala Verde of Palazzo Rinaldi of the Municipality of Treviso.

The meeting, led by the Councillor for Social Policies, Family, Disability and Equal Opportunities Gloria Tessarolo, was addressed by the Mayor Mario Conte, the Councillor for the Environment, Community Policies, Smart City and Next Generation Alessandro Manera and the President of ISRAA Mauro Michielon, who unanimously expressed their appreciation to the project team for the results achieved so far, stressing the importance of the synergy created between young people and the over 65s, especially in the face of the current challenge posed by the progressive digitalisation of services.

Councillor Tessarolo then invited Luciano Prosdocimo, spokesman for the elderly in the TRIO and President of the Circolo Ricreativo Villa Letizia, to talk about his own personal adventure and the initial feedback received from some of the over-65s who had the opportunity to test the guide and tutorial in advance.

The printed guide was then illustrated and distributed to those present, who were also shown extracts from the video tutorials.

In closing, Councillor Tessarolo recalled the imminent launch of the in-person support service by students, which in the first three-week experimental phase will be held two days a week in three city centres.

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