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The implementation phase of the ValueCare project is just around the corner. For this reason, ISRAA and AULSS2 organized two training sessions for some health and social practitioners of the two institutions, whose collaboration will be fundamental during the pilot in Treviso.

The audience was composed of different professional figures: geriatricians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists and educators.

The training was organized as follows: in the first meeting, the project was presented in all its parts, with a particular focus on Care Management, i.e. the way the Treviso pilot will be organized and developed. While in the second meeting, the team focused on the questionnaires that will be administered for the evaluation.

During the meetings, the health and social practitioners were able to engage in several role-playing activities, which allowed them to better understand some dynamics and tools and to experience the project first hand.

The feedback received was very positive: the health and social practitioners were interested, asked several questions and provided very useful suggestions.

A third meeting will be organized in the near future to present the technology solution, which is an essential component of ValueCare and is currently being fine-tuned by the technology partners.

In the coming months, the first older people, informal caregivers and health and social practitioners will be recruited to start the implementation. For this reason, more meetings and events will be organized in order to continue collecting further feedback, to refine the project as much as possible.

The Treviso team would like to thank everyone who participated in the training!

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