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After a year and a half in which the pandemic situation did not allow visiting the project partners, ISRAA on Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 July 2021 met in Rijeka, Croatia, the colleagues from MEDRI, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka.

The main topic of the two days was the development of the ValueCare training, in view of the implementation phase of the project, which will start in November 2021. Training plays a crucial role at this time, as it is necessary for an in-depth understanding of the Value-Based Model, the central model of the project, and the technological support it will provide.

MEDRI is the lead partner responsible for the pilot site and at this stage is working closely with ISRAA, leader of WP2, which in collaboration with other partners, is working on the development of a new integrated care model based on the Value-Based methodology.

Co-design activities are also foreseen within the following work package. Specifically, focus groups will be organised in July, August and September and older people, informal caregivers, health and social professionals and managers will be involved in order to deepen and customise the technological and non-technological solutions proposed by the project.

Finally, ISRAA will host the first consortium meeting of the project in the first week of September. Indeed, ValueCare started in 2019, and the kick-off meeting, which took place in Rotterdam, was the only occasion when the partners all met. Although, the virtual meetings allowed the continuation and development of the project, this will certainly be a good opportunity to go deeper into all topics.

You can follow all the news of the ValueCare project on the website: or on the FABER website and Facebook page!

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