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While in recent years more and more attention has been paid to cases of violence against older people, cases of violence against carers are often ignored and underestimated. In fact, it is estimated that incidents of aggressive behaviour by older people can reach, on average, up to one per day in cases of formal caregivers. Therefore, the PRAGRESS project addresses professional caregivers (such as nurses, social workers, nursing assistants) with the aim of improving and developing strategies for prevention and management of aggressive behaviour of older people in both home and community settings.


The cornerstone of the project approach will be the safeguarding of the dignity of older people and the promotion of social inclusion. This will help to maintain the dignity of older people in care and reduce feelings of helplessness that caregivers often experience when they cannot manage aggressive behaviour appropriately.

An effective training model for aggression management should raise awareness of aggressive and violent behaviour, explore its causes in order to prevent it at an early stage and promote methods of aggression management and de-escalation.


The main objectives of the project are:

  1. Raising awareness of the problem of aggressive behaviour among formal and informal caregivers working with older people.

  2. Developing a training programme with effective strategies to prevent, manage and reduce aggressive behaviour among caregivers.

  3. Improving quality of life of care recipients; strengthening resilience and empowerment of caregivers, promoting and supporting social inclusion and dignity of caregivers and care recipients.

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