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The RESIL4CARE project (RESILience FOR informal CAREgivers), is led by the Istituto per Servizi di Ricovero e Assistenza agli Anziani (ISRAA) and aims to improve the coping skills of informal carers and enhance their role through the use of social media platforms that will enable the creation of specific online support groups.

In the course of the project, the use of social media will aim at facilitating the creation of bonds and friendships, promoting the sharing of experiences and knowledge, with the aim of helping informal carers from all over Europe to be more resilient and responsible in coping with situations requiring direct care of a family member in a frail condition.

The partnership includes 6 participants from 5 European countries: France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Slovenia. The Istituto per Servizi di Ricovero e Assistenza agli Anziani (ISRAA), Corporation for Succor and Care of Elderly and Eisabled (FRODIZO), Institut Antona Trstenjaka (IAT) and Institut Valencià d'Atenció Social-Sanitari (IVASS) are care provider partners and have significant expertise and experience with informal caregivers in their organisations.


In Valencia (Spain), IVASS will collaborate with the FUNDACION DE LA COMUNITAT VALENCIANA PARA LA PROMOCIÓN ESTRATEGICA EL DESARROLLO Y LA INNOVACIÓN URBANA (LAS NAVES), a very active organisation that has extensive knowledge on social inclusion and participation, wellbeing and citizens' health.

Interactive 4D (ID4) was chosen for its technological background and its ability to develop multimedia content.

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