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The SEFAC project aims to contribute to the reduction of the social and health burden of major chronic diseases and to increase the sustainability of health systems. The SEFAC project promotes the involvement of volunteers through a community approach, focusing on prevention, empowerment and self-management of their own health , using group and individual interventions, face to face and online, supported by easy-to-use technological tools.


The SEFAC project aims to train citizens over 50 to better manage their health and to prevent major chronic diseases.


The project foresees the active participation of four regions in various European countries as pilot sites, where citizens over 50 who have a major chronic disease or who want to prevent chronic diseases , and socio-health professionals, pharmacists and volunteers co- they will create communities aimed at promoting health, preventing and self-managing chronic diseases.


Through community meetings that will involve volunteers and socio-health professionals, the project aims to create communities aimed at prevention and health promotion.


In the 4 pilot regions (Rijeka in Croatia, Treviso in Italy, Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Cornwall in the UK), a total of 1000 citizens (250 per site) will be involved through community meetings. In total 360 participants (90 per pilot) will actively participate in a series of disease prevention and management activities ; that is, a series of group activities as well as individual care pathways (with the support of volunteers) and the use of ICT tools. Stakeholders from the 4 pilot regions will be trained to implement prevention and self-management activities with the help of volunteers using a "social engagement toolkit" .

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