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The SHES project aims to offer skills and knowledge to people over 50 on how to exploit the opportunities offered by the Sharing Economy to improve their lives and at the same time make the most of commonly used ICT devices (smartphones, tablets) and accessible software and affordable. The project will use existing intelligent, open, reliable and personalized learning solutions to optimize digital learning and to enable students to engage and interact with content and peers.


With SHES we will aim to help people over 50 to seize the opportunities offered by the Sharing Economy and to make the most of commonly used devices.


Familiarization with this innovative and increasingly widespread form of exchange represents, in addition to a potential source of earnings and savings after retirement , also a useful strategy to keep the older segment of the population in the socio-economic processes of exchange, not only of goods, but also of experience and skills.


Thanks to SHES it will be possible to promote new forms of savings and earnings, exchange of goods and experiences and also the development of new IT skills.


Such involvement in the Sharing Economy circuit also intends to promote the development of IT skills and spread greater awareness on the issue of sustainability and the reduction of the environmental impact of our habits in terms of consumption and expenses.

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