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It is estimated that about a quarter of the European population will be 65 years or older by 2050. Although this is a great achievement in terms of population longevity, it also poses multiple challenges for European social, health and economic systems. Although Long-Term-Care (LTC) solutions for older people are widespread and well established in Europe, often due to barriers, including digital, cultural, bureaucratic and geographical barriers, access to these services is not optimal.


The twinning between the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain) and ISRAA, funded under the research and innovation programme Digital Health Europe - Horizon 2020, aims at fostering the implementation and scale-up in the Veneto region of SoCaTel, a digital co-creation platform for Long Term Care services.


The platform has been set up with the aim of facilitating and making more accessible the co-design processes of care services for elderly people, allowing the meeting between professionals, local stakeholders, informal caregivers and users.

SoCaTel is structured in five steps (co-conceive, co-define, co-create, co-develop, co-validate) through which, starting from an idea or a theme of shared interest, a real service is realised.


The platform will be adopted and tested within the various projects of ISRAA that provide moments of co-design, and will also be acquired and tested by suppliers and realities of the territory interested in testing the potential of the tool within their activities and services.

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