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The ValueCare project aims to provide personalized integrated (health and social) care services, better outcomes for the elderly and a better care experience . It also aims to improve both staff satisfaction and resource use and coordination of care. Doing this will ensure secure access, protection and sharing of data and that the model can be replicated and deployed on a large scale in other EU countries.


The ValueCare project will make it possible to provide integrated, personalized and Value-Based assistance services, improving coordination and use of resources.


Due to the rising average age across countries, healthy aging and independent living have become key challenges for Europe. Several international organizations have stressed the importance of the independence, participation and autonomy of older people to remain in good health and, consequently, to ensure the highest possible quality of life. The aim of the ValueCare project is therefore to provide integrated and results-based care to older people suffering from cognitive disabilities, frailty and multiple chronic health conditions, in order to improve their quality of life (and that of their families) and the sustainability of health and social care systems in Europe.


Through integrated and results-based care, it will be possible to improve the quality of life of older people and their families.


The vision of the Integrated and Value-Based Assistance project will be supported by a secure and scalable digital solution that will be tested and evaluated in 7 large-scale pilot sites in Europe, following a robust methodology developed by the project partners together with the end users. The ValueCare project proposes a aims to operate in a context that guarantees the trust of users and policy makers on the access, protection and sharing and standardization of data that can be replicated in Europe.

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