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The WISELIFE project focuses on the increasingly topical issue of discrimination against older people. Ageism has long been marginalised in the fight against various forms of discrimination. However, the social challenge of an ageing population, which is common to all European countries, makes it necessary to bring this issue to the centre of the debate, through awareness-raising, information and inclusion actions. 

Ageing is a phenomenon that every individual is likely to experience one day; therefore, combating ageism and age discrimination does not benefit a small group of people, but the whole population.


In this framework, WISELIFE wishes to make a contribution through five key actions

  • carrying out a descriptive and comparative analysis of the phenomenon in the national contexts of the countries involved;

  • structuring a toolkit for senior citizens aimed at fostering active and healthy ageing;

  • to make a documentary narrating the planning and implementation phases of the project;

  • organising a digital memory by means of a platform gathering oral testimonies and narratives linked to images and objects of everyday life from the past;

  • to prepare a toolkit for the education of older people to be provided to Continuing Education Centres in order to tackle the phenomena of exclusion of older people from the social sphere.

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