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ENACT: user interview

We are now in the midst of testing the ENACT DevOps (ending in April 2021) and the pilot phase in ISRAA, coordinated by the Faber team. Given the current times, we decided to take a moment with our very helpful user (whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts!) to have a feedback on how he is doing with the solutions he is testing!

Nel pacchetto di dispositivi connessi sono presenti uno sphygmomanometer, a thermometer and a pulse oximeter that, through a dedicated gateway, are able to transmit information to an online platform. This makes it possible to monitor the user remotely, but also gives the user the possibility to monitor themselves independently thanks to a practical mobile application!

If you want an opinion on this project, don't listen to us: we leave below the interview with the lady who offered to help us!

Our user is one of the residents of ISRAA's social housing project., Borgo Mazzini Smart Cohousing!

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